Learning from Holy Scriptures and Saints (Saadhus) and Endeavouring to Follow their Path


Hindi Literature
Devanagari Syllabary
Also in English
Alphabets - Hindi to English  
Also in English
Simple Vocabulary
Also in English  
English Proverbs & their Hindi Equivalent  
Also in English  
Numerals - Numbers 1 to 100  
Also in English
Complete Hindi Grammar -made easy for all online  
In Hindi & English for Clarification purpose only.  
Note: Adding Hindi Grammar on this website has been one of my most satisfying tasks. Now the general public can learn Hindi Grammar online at their own pace. I am making may personal time available for any queries from anyone who may need to clarify a topic or a subject contained herein. This gesture of mine will keep me abreast of the subject and will always keep me up-to-date as well.

Kind regards, Thakur Bhim Singh

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