Tamboora  Bhajjans – Bhakti

Actual bhajjans are written in Hindi

Tamboora Bhajjan is a very unique and golden style of singing that was brought into Fiji over 200 years ago by Indians from Bihaar in northern India. Indians were brought to Fiji by British/CSR regime to plant sugarcane in Fiji when Fiji was a British ruled colony.

This unique style of singing bhajjans is rarely found anywhere else in the world although Indians were taken to many parts of the world eg South Africa,  Uganda, Kenya and many other countries ruled by British Empire. Even in Indian TVs and other live programs that are broadcast over the air, this unique style has not been heard of so far. This is the reason I have tried to include this topic in my website.

Tamboora  Bhajjans – Chetauni

Actual bhajjans are written in Hindi

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