Gayatri Yantra

The Gayatri Yantra is a sacred diagram that transmits a subtle language encoded in the Gayatri’s potential

Every curve, every line and even the number of lines conveys meaning. This Yantra is one of the most Holy and auspicious Yantras. It increases mental and physical strength, cures diseases, protects one from enemies, and is excellent for general well-being.

It increases soul power, awakens the spiritual self and brings one closer to themselves and God. It also leads a person on to the right path, blesses him with peace, happiness and inner satisfaction. It also ensure overall growth and development of the individual and his family.

In the Chdnodogrda Upnisad Prajapati (Lord Brahma) meditated on the nature of the Universe (Vishva). He thus realised that the three planes of material existence are:

Prithvi – physical
Antariksa – mental
Svarga – spiritual

These three planes are thus represented by the mahd-vgdhrtis: bhuh, bhuvah and svah.

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