Chalisa Sangrah

Vishnu Chalisa
Surya Dev Chalisa
Shani Dev Chalisa
Navgrah Chalisa
Krishna Chalisa
Ganga Maiya Chalisa
Vishnu Chalisa
Shree Ram Chalisa
Saraswati Chalisa
Ma Santoshi Chalisa
Hanuman Chalisa
Durga Chalisa
Available to download
In English & Hindi
15 Chalisa Sangrah 

Shree Ganesha Jee is Stutee

Thakur Bhim Singh

In Chalisa verses are praise and plead with devotion. The acts and deeds of deities are recalled in these verses to aid the devotee to meditate on righteous and noble qualities.

The following Chalisa Sangrah are available in English and Hindi.  It’s available in a pdf format for easy download.

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