Foreword - Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat

Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat has been a Sanatan Dharam follower from the time he was born on one of the Islands in Fiji that is located close to Cairns, Australia. He is one of the direct descendants of early Indian Immigrant Late Mr Thakur Ganpat Singh Ji who migrated to Australia in early 1900.

Its indeed an honour to write about Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat, about his life, work, and his immense knowledge on Hinduism which we are lucky to have access to.

As requested by many users of this website,  I spoke to Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat ji and compiled as much information on his life, his family and his work on this website.  I have known Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat since 1995, when I met him in Melbourne.  We are related, I am his great niece, his eldest sister is my maternal grandmother.  It is indeed my pleasure to write about Nana Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat ji.At the age of 5 he started accompanying his Late father to play dholak for him who used to sing and deliver pravachan on Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayan, Shiv Puran, Devi Bhagwat and other Sanatan scriptures. As a result, he also started deliberating on these topics and scriptures at a very early age of 12 years. Since then, he has been a prominent figure in providing pravachan, singing bhajjans and preaching on Sanatan Dharam and its Culture.


Thakur Ji migrated to Melbourne Australia on 14th December 1987 and continued the tradition there as well. He enjoys his research on Sanatan Dharma and reads whatever is readily available to him on the subject. In search of deeper satisfaction, he started collecting all the possible literature available on the subject. During his primary school days, he used to spend more time reading Purans then doing his school work. However, he always felt that God was always with him as he also performed very well in his school work.


At times he used to silently escape from his bed to go to Ramayan program and later was punished by his elders for doing so.


If his school results ever drop below 95%, and he came second in his class rather than first, he would be asked to wake up at 4:00am in the morning to never allow that to happen again. He was a bright scholar, so he did not ever have to face any major punishment after then.


He successfully completed his secondary studies at Suva Grammar High School from where he attained the “University Entrance Examination” certificate. During those days achieving this was not an easy exercise as the 100% marks was based on the examination rather than combination of coursework plus final examination.  He later obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Accounting and Commerce. He commenced his working career with a popular Chartered Accounting firm known as Price Waterhouse & Co (now “Pricewaterhose Coopers”). In 1982 he attained Chartered Accountant qualification. In 1987 upon migration to Australia, Thakur spent a number of years in Commerce and Industry. In 1995 he joined Australia Post and spent approximately 15 years with them. In 2011 he joined Queensland Government and in 2016 he commenced his career with Victorian Government as a part time consultant.


In 2000 Thakur commenced writing various scriptures in specialised format with Doha, Chaupayee, Channda and Sortha. The most popular ones are ‘Shiv Ji Ki Amar Katha’ and ‘Devi Bhagwat Darpan’. Both these scriptures are based on their related Puraans. The first edition has been in use since October 2011. This version is now available upon request via an email. Second edition was published on 9th October 2018 on his website and is now available to general public at no cost.  Shiv Ji Ki Amar Katha is also being written and the first edition shall be ready before Shiv Raatri in February 2019.


On Holi & Faag, a large number of new Faag geet have been written by Thakur Ji which will be posted on this site soon. Keep watching for the news flashes on your Facebook as well.


Bhakti & Gyan topic will also provide you with many beautiful articles written by Thakur. What is Bhakti is one of many great examples which will only be realised upon reading the same.


Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat is also a musician. He almost plays all the musical instruments. He is a singer and has recorded many bhajjans that can be downloaded from this site under the heading Bhajjans or from YouTube – Thakur Bhim Singh Ganpat channel.


Thakur Bhim Singh is married to his beautiful wife Premila Singh who is his best friend and a great support in his endeavours. Without her this mountainous load of work would not have been possible. The couple have two beautiful children – a son, Sandeep Singh and a daughter, A. Anjani Singh. Sandeep Singh holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and Annette hold a Master of Business – Human Resource Management Degree. Hence he is a proud son, husband and father. He has blessings of his elders from the sky’s.

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